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About Rearden Software Limited

About Us

Rearden Software Limited is a leading enterprise technology services provider headquartered in the heart of Asia Pacific. We specialize in the delivery of Amazon cloud migrations and managed services with software development and integrations. We also build brands, websites and implement Hubspot hosted marketing solutions.

  • Website Development. Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento and more

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  • Software Development. Enterprise software, integration and apps

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  • Digital Marketing. SEO, SEM, Social Media, Brand Development

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  • Cyber Security. Network security, auditing and pen tests

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Your business depends on robust IT platforms. Here at Rearden Software Limited we focus on delivering best in class technology solutions in support of your infrastructure, your online presence and your customer orientated database tools.

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Best in Class IT Solutions

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, offering you six key benefits that propel your business forward:

Our Drive and Vision

Our success is built upon the trust that we have earned from our clients. We work closely with our clients to solve complex technical challenges in ways that minimize business and operational risk and maximize growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business goals by providing best-in-class solutions.At the same time we aim to deliver a transparent, interactive service that our customers enjoy working with. We operate as a full stakeholder within our clients business, offering a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology orientated solutions that span the entire IT value chain

Our Goal

Our goal remains constant. To build and nurture long standing client relationships based upon trust, respect and mutual benefits. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence within the realm of cloud technologies, web development, platforms and frameworks. We commit to our customers that we will continue to expand our knowledge and ensure that they receive the full benefits from our expertise.



Unit 2a, 17/f, Glenealy tower, no. 1 Glenealy, central Hong Kong


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+1 (555) 905-2345

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Frequently asked questions

This clause is covered in the IP contract, and NDA is also signed between Flatworld Solutions and the customer specifying the same. The same clause is also covered in the contract signed between Flatworld Solutions and its employees. In addition, we audit our processes and train employees on a regular basis. These efforts ensure that our customers' intellectual property is always secure.

We use FogCreek Kiln source code and version control repository. In addition, we are experienced with Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, and other popular version control systems.

A Peer Review practice is a part of our standard development process. Any code developed by an application resource is always verified by another application resource. Only after verification is the software released for testing. This practice is applicable only when the customer hires more than one developer.

We provide the SRS documentation to the client. The code will have comments to facilitate easy comprehension. Our documentation is comprehensive and self-explanatory.